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+ SIMBARI DESIGN has over 25 years of experience in the practice of architecture. Thomas J. Simbari, founder of the company, established the firm in 2004 as a general practice, believing that all building types and clients can benefit from good design.

+ The firm practices “good listening”, which Mr. Simbari believes is the key to effective design solutions.

+ The firm’s designs are derived from its client’s needs, wants and aesthetic desires. The design solutions, therefore, consist of various architectural styles, each with their own personal feel.

+ The client’s program requirements shape the building or space, rather than some preconceived idea forcing the program to fit it.

+ Some key areas of experience include; commercial, educational, industrial, medical, multi-family residential, municipal, radiology and single family residential.

+ The firm has experience in both new construction and renovation of existing structures and is accustomed to working with large project teams on complex projects. We have experience designing buildings within a wide variety of construction types and structural systems.
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